May we help you find the job of your dreams?

Do you feel like you are stuck on the account or the inhouse project you are working on? Are you learning a new language or a tool in your spare time and keen to put it to good use at work? Do you feel like you are in a rut in your current industry or have the projects you do become monotonous? Have you not had any interesting tips about new jobs from your friends? I hear ya. Can I help?

Northstar is a reverse headhunting service created for developers and designers

According to studies, three out of four developers are open to challenges that they find genuinely interesting. If this is true for you, would you let me help you find new career opportunities that match your wishes?

Northstar is a career service created for developers, architects and UI, UX and service designers. It currently operates in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Our Talent Agents work exclusively for the IT industry, so you can be sure that we understand how your work needs and that we can respect your wishes. 

Your wishes are paramount

Everything we do starts from your wishes and goals, whether they include adding new responsibilities, finding a smaller or larger team or company or a different industry, culture, products or technology stack. You might be considering moving towards an inhouse position instead of consulting or vice versa – both come with distinct advantages!

If you decide to join Northstar, I will not organise an in-depth interview to see if your skills match existing job ads. Instead, I want to start by having a discussion about your career aspirations and goals. When I am more familiar with these and your current skill set, I and the Northstar team will start to look for new career opportunities that will interest you.

How does reverse headhunting work?

Does your LinkedIn inbox and your answerphone get clogged up with job offers aimed at junior developers when the next logical step for you would be a lead developer or an architect position? Unfortunately, you are not alone. 

If you would like to find out more about suitable job opportunities in Finland or in other Nordic countries, join Northstar. We will only ask you a few initial questions. After that, either myself or another Talent Agent will contact you and we will agree on a time for a chat about your career. The objective of this chat is to find out more about the types of roles, employers and teams that interest you.

Once we have talked and we understand your goals, we will start the process of looking for job opportunities that match them. Naturally, it is your choice whether you want to hear more about these. If you are interested, we will agree meetings with your future team and your manager as soon as possible.

Interested in international experience?

If you were to decide to not only change jobs but try out living in another Nordic country, I would be happy to help you with all the practical arrangements and with getting a feel for a place. I would also offer support during the first few months in your new home country. You would also have help from our Talent Agents (in Finland, Sweden and Denmark) and our partner Forenom. Together, we would find you (and your partner or family) your first home and offer you support in your first steps in a new city.

May we help you find the job of your dreams?

Would like to hear about new career opportunities that match your wishes and goals? Join Northstar and we will be in touch soon!

If there is anything you would like to ask me, shoot me an email ( – I would be more than happy to help!

Joel Kinnunen
Talent Agent, Northstar

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